There are many occasions throughout the year, which are excellent opportunities to show you care with hand-selected orange gift baskets, especially those that contain Navel Oranges. People enjoy receiving fresh citrus basket gifts, specially oranges because they are the ideal variety for that perfect glass of orange juice. The Navels are sweet and have a thicker skin, which makes them easier to peel for consumption rather than juicing . 
Our Tasty & Refreshing Navel oranges product details as below 
  • Availability: Starts first week of January through June
  • Sizes: 28 - 30 - 36 - 40-48-56-64-72-80-88-100 counts 
  • Packaging: 15kg telescopic carton, 15kg open top carton
  • Brix : +12 % 
Our Sorting Levels 
    • Premium Quality which Blemishes free , Defects free
    • Euro Class 1 
    • Class 2 
    • Industrial Quality ( For Juice Manufacturing only )