The Egyptian Onion is the best in nutritional value all over the world while We provide our customers with wide range of  mixed diameters options that fit all markets requirements and especially for the supermarket chains in Europe , Russian , African and Asian Markets .

Royal Land is supplying a sweet and juicy, mild to the strongly flavored onion with an attractive dark red-purple flesh, which is flecked with white lines. Choose firm onions with an evenly colored skin, avoid those with any signs of softness or green shoots.

Standard Packaging Specifications

10 kg mesh bags
25 kg mesh bags
1250 kg jumbo bags

Varieties : 

  • Golden Onions
    • Availability : From February till June 
    • Sizes by Diameter as below 
Sizes40-60 mm60-80 mm50-70 mm

70 - 120


  • Red Onions
    • Availability from April till October 
    • Sizes by Diameter as below
Size40-60 mm60-80 mm50-70 mm70-Up